On my way to the IndeWeb

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As you might know, I’m taking some distance from Twitter and I’m trying to get back ownership on the content I publish online. Clearly I’m not the only one to take that path, neither the first one… In fact, there is a whole community of people or companies who share those values and principles. This community identify itself as the IndieWeb.

The IndieWeb is a community of independent & personal websites connected by simple standards, based on the principles of: owning your domain & using it as your primary identity, publishing on your own site (optionally syndicating elsewhere), and owning your data.

There are plenty of resources to learn about the IndeWeb, and how to take part of it, and to be honest, I’m still scratching the surface. But I believe in the core principles, and I’ve decided to progressively improve this website to better support standards from the IndeWeb.

Would you like to check if your own site is IndeWeb compliant? Or are you interested learning how to improve it?

–> https://indiewebify.me is a very good place to start

So far, I checked the following:

  • Get your own domain name: This one was already done, since a while 😄
  • Set up Web Sign In: Links to my 3rd party identities now have a rel=me attribute. Additionally, this allows my Mastodons profiles to get a verified link (see mamot.fr/@oad for example)!
  • Mark up your content with microformats2: Home page and posts on this site now support h-card and h-entry microformats. If you’re also using Hexo blog framework with cactus-dark theme, I created a pull-request so you can also benefit from that one.

As a next step, I’ll look into POSSE. I’d love to automatically share content I write here to Mastodon and other platforms. For now, I updated the structure of this blog to add a new [/notes/] section. It’s intended to receive my toots from Mastodon and other short notes in the future.

Webmentions are also quite interesting, but one step at a time…