Starting a "Reading List" posts series

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I read several articles on the Web every day.
When discovering an article, if I find it interesting, or if I don’t have time to read it at the time, I put it aside on Pocket in order to easily find it later.

The downsides are :

  • I put aside too many items
  • I often forgot to check out my reading list on Pocket
  • Pocket doesn’t provide a easy way share a bunch of links
  • I don’t want to save those on Pocket without a backup somewhere else

For some time now, I looking for a way to force myself to check this list on a regular basis.
Moreover, even if IFTTT allows me to perform automatic backup of the bookmarks, no one but me can take advantage of this list.

Starting today, I am launching a new series of articles entitled “Reading List”.
As its name obviously suggests, each article will bring together a few links to sites, articles, resources that have caught my attention on the web during the past few days.

I plan to publish these posts on a weekly basis but it could be less depending on the volume I’ll collect every week.
I hope some of you will find this useful.
Do not hesitate to tell me your thoughts about this in the comments below.

As the process is mostly automated using IFTTT, Dropbox and a few scripts, I’ll also think about explaining it in a upcoming article.